Hi!  I’m John Cornett, a retired professional engineer with a passion for doing things that “make a difference”.  I believe that life is measured by progress (not perfection), so I keep trying to "do the next thing".  When I’m not at the computer you can probably find me chasing stamina at the gym, hounding the grandkids (3 beauties), or with my lovely wife of 50 years.
I travel to see and enjoy the diversity of God's creation, sometimes to better understand, and sometimes just to share or to serve or to learn.  I photograph because I love to tell stories by "writing with light” (photo-graphy).  I write to convince and to encourage.  "Writing with light...living with purpose” seems to have become an unofficial guide for me.  I hope you will check out a few of the books I have authored over the past 20+ years. 
This website may seem to be "all about me", but that is not the intention.  Everything I see convinces me that the universe does indeed declare the majesty of God, and photography is just another way to collect the memories of the people and places in it.  The idea is to share some good news, usually in the form of a few photos of friends, family, or places.  Plus, truth be told, every “artist” has an inborn desire to see their work viewed and appreciated.  Hope these pages touch you in some way!
Thanks for visiting!  I’d love to hear from you!